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Galaxynet :: Adult Material Policy

Due to different cultures, material that is appropriate in some countries may not be appropriate in others. For this reason and many others, we maintain a strict "No Adult Material Policy."

Galaxynet defines "Adult Material" as any of the following:

  • Drawings, photographs, or videos in any known or future file format, compressed or uncompressed, showing nudity of either men, women, or children.
  • Drawings, photographs, or videos in any known or future file format, compressed or uncompressed, where the genitalia of men, women, or children are exposed, including but not limited to the "butt" and bare breast(s) of female(s).
  • Audio and/or text files in any known or future file format, compressed or uncompressed, containing sexually explicit material.

We also prohibit the following:

  • Sites with direct links to other sites containing such material as described above.
  • Sites engaged in the sale or dissemination of sexually explicit items as described above.

In addition, Galaxynet reserves the right to determine what might be considered "sexually explicit" or "sexually related". If your web site does or will contain material that you are unsure about, please contact us before placing an order or registering a domain.

Why doesn't Galaxynet allow adult content on their servers?

Galaxynet has the privilege of hosting many, many web sites, including small-businesses, self-help, community groups, churches, governments, and schools, as well as individual and family web sites. It is a service to our customers and to the community that we attempt to provide an online environment for activities of immediate, clearly beneficial, and socially redeeming quality.

How would this policy benefit me as a Galaxynet customer?

Galaxynet customers enjoy the assurance that if an IP address ever gets mixed up, or a directory structure get corrupt, their domain name will never pull up an adult site. In addition, Galaxynet customers enjoy the consistently fast servers and clear network. Unlike other Web hosting facilities, our network is not congested with hundreds and thousands of visitors downloading adult material.

What about my Consitutional right to freedom of speech?

As a citizen of any country which affords its people freedom of choice (and speech), you have the choice of using another virtual hosting company to host your site. Not allowing you to host your adult site on our servers does not mean we're discriminating against or violating the rights of any individual. This is how we see it; you can't buy firearms at the local 7-11, but you can at the local sporting goods store. Likewise, you can't get a Slurpee at the sporting goods store, but you can get one at 7-11 (usually only in cherry or cola flavors).