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Galaxynet :: Other "Galaxynets"

Even though each person is unique and individual, sometimes our names are not. How many people named Bob or Dave or Mike do you know? The same holds true with businesses. While Galaxynet offers services and support we feel are unique to our customers' needs, a few other business and websites share similar sounding names.

We hope that if you're looking for an Internet service provider, you'll explore our site and give us the opportunity to serve you. But, we realize that you may have simply visited a different "Galaxynet." With that in mind, we offer you a list of those other sites, and wish you the best of luck in finding the correct "Galaxynet" you were looking for.

One last thing. In the past, we used to get a lot of irritated people complaining of fraudulent or unauthorized credit card charges on their account. If you feel that "Galaxynet" has charged your account incorrectly, look at your monthly credit card statement. Does it say "Galaxy Net Telecom"? If it does, you have indeed contacted the wrong Galaxynet. Galaxy-Net Telecom was acquired by iMedia Networks in 2000. Go to http://www.imedia.net/ to contact the correct people. Sorry for the confusion.

GalaxyNet IRC Network - http://www.galaxynet.org
    Internet Relay Chat server in Singapore

GalaxyNet World Wide Web - http://www.galaxynet.net
    Electronic Web storefront services in California

DSLGlobal.net - http://www.galaxynet.biz
    Web Hosting & Shell Provider in Singapore

GalaxyNet-USA - http://www.galaxynet.nu
    Internet Service Provider in Oklahoma

Galaxy Net - http://www.galaxy-net.net
    Unsure. Simply a links page to spam sites.

Galaxy Net - http://www.galaxy-net.com
    Web Developer services in California, apparently down.

Galaxy Networks, Inc. - http://www.galaxy.net
    Internet Service Provider in New Jersey

Galaxy - http://www.galaxy.com
    Information Directory/Search engine in Illinois

Galaxy Classroom - http://www.galaxy.org
    Interactive learning network in California

Galaxy Internet Services - http://www.gis.net
    Internet Service Provider in Massachusetts

This Galaxynet, Galaxynet Internet Services, is not connected to or affiliated with the businesses or sites listed above in any way, nor do we endorse or receive payment from them.