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Galaxynet :: Links Elsewhere

This is Galaxynet's "Links Elsewhere" Page. You can use this page to begin your exploration of the web! Galaxynet does not support, sponsor, or endorse the sites listed below, and cannot be held responsible for their content. Please read the copyright before exploring these links.

Business | Computers | Education | Entertainment | Gov't | Personal | Misc


  • FindWhidbeyHomes.com - For your Whidbey Island real estate needs, contact Chance Terrill!
  • BuildNET - Utilize BuildNET's extensive and well organized directories to access over 150,000 pages of building industry resources, companies and opportunities.
  • Randy Glasbergen - Business cartoons, computer cartoons, fitness cartoons, animal cartoons and more.
  • Virtualflowers.Com - Use Virtualflowers.Com to send someone a bouquet of flowers to tell them how special they are to you...all for free!
  • International Full Size Jeep Association - Loads and loads of technical articles, parts sources, and information of interest to owners and enthusiasts of SJ and J series Jeeps. Updated typically weekly, constantly growing, quite possibly the largest site of its kind in the world.
  • CD Now - "The world's largest music store offers a selection you won't find anywhere else.
  • Zenith Aircraft Company - Everything you always wanted to know about building your own aircraft! Interesting site even if you don't want to build or fly a plane.
  • Entrepreneur Magazine's Small Business Square - Be your own boss.


  • LinuxWorld Expo - The LinuxWorld Expo is the world's leading gathering place for anyone and everyone interested in Linux and other open source technologies.
  • ISP Conventions - Join thousands of ISPs, Internet companies, and computer companies twice a year in what has become the best and most informative Internet convention in the industry!
  • Curt's High Speed Modem Page - This site can help you solve different problems like if you wonder why your modem connection is only a 26.4 and you have a 56k modem. It teaches you the tricks of the trade.
  • CH Products - Products manufactures a complete line of PC and Macintosh controllers ideal for computer games, education and simulations.
  • Gameaddict.com - Looking for quick-and-dirty, daily news blurbs from the gaming industry? Gameaddict.com is the resource for you. Gameaddict.com is truly "Gaming's Fastest News."
  • DirectorWeb - DirectorWeb is a Lingoheads best friend. Content is free, dynamic, bannerless and informative. Shockwave newbies will find wonderfully organized help as well.
  • Builder.Com - Builder.com offers definitive help and info for just about all aspects of web creation. Builder.com is the site for site creators, new and advanced.
  • DHTML Zone - The DHTML Zone is provided by Macromedia Inc., and offers an abundance of resources to help add Dynamic HTML to a website. The basics are covered in articles, tutorials, a discussion group, and DHTML demos.
  • atOnce Software - Downloads of popular software with freebies, discounts and more.
  • Midnight Madness - Thinking about building a Web page? This is the place to go for icons, graphics, backgrounds, and more! A great graphics resource, including an Adobe Photoshop tips and tricks section!


  • CLWG: Children's Literature Web Guide - Internet sources related to books for children and young adults.
  • Clicking Anastasia: A Mystery of Romanov Russia - What happened to the Romanov fortune? Was it lost? Or hidden? And if hidden, where? Now two new revolutions -- one of Russian hope and freedom, the other of bits and microchips -- may help solve the mystery. Can you find the Tsar's lost millions? Others are already trying.
  • Sport! Science - An interactive look at the science behind popular sports. The site includes interviews with scientists and professional athletes.
  • Neurovisualization Laboratory - The NVL web site contains information about the application of technology to medicine.
  • The WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server - Ever wondered what exactly I.S.D.N. stands for? Checkout The WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server and find out that it stands for "Integrated Services Digital Network."
  • Leonardo Lives - The Codex Leicestor and Leonardo da Vinci's Legacy of Art and Science have recently been put on exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. The web page is put together by the museum, and tells what else you can see at the museum.
  • The American Lung Association - When you can't breathe, nothing else matters. The American Lung Association (ALA) National Web Site is your online resource for information on asthma and other lung diseases, tobacco control, and environmental health.
  • World Flight 1997 - From this site you can get hourly position updates tracking pilot Linda Finch as she recreates and completes Amelia Earhart's 1937 around the world flight.
  • Natural Child Project - My Natural Child Project site includes articles on parenting, education, and child advocacy. We also have a popular parenting advice column, and one guest columnist per month.
  • Mars Pathfinder Mission - The JPL's official site! Keep up with the latest news, photos, and events of this historic event.
  • Guide to Philosophy on the Internet - The most comprehensive collection of philosophy resources on the internet.
  • Scientific American - The on-line edition offers articles and exhibits that make science accessible to the average citizen.
  • WWWebster Dictionary - Merriam Webster presents a hypertext interface to their collegiate dictionary.
  • The Adventures of David Alexander - The Look Learn and Do Series for Children
  • A Web of On-line Dictionaries - Instantly link to more than 350 dictionaries of over 100 different languages online.
  • Netlingo: The Internet Language Dictionary - Netlingo is an online dictionary that contains definitions to hundreds of new fangled vocabulary words surrounding the ever expanding online community. Netlingo is "the semantics storehouse of cyberspace."
  • Egyptology Resources - Setup with assistance from the Newton Institute in the University of Cambridge, this website offers interesting Egyptological links and information.


  • You might live in the Pacific Northwest if... - Several Jeff Foxworthy-type jokes about living in the Pacific Northwest
  • Island Cinemas - Web page for the Oak Harbor, WA movie theater, and one in Mount Vernon, WA.
  • The Boss - True stories about the stupid things a boss might say or do
  • Worldwide Internet Live Music Archive - The Internet Guide to Live Music.
  • Golf Online - The latest in golf news, golf tips, and golf resources.
  • The Late Show with David Lettermen
  • Next Generation - The one stop for the console and computer video gamer. Next Generation offers the very latest news, previews, reviews, and demos.
  • ABC Sports - Tell your rowdy friends, the Monday Night party is taking over the web!
  • Mr. Media - So much media, so little time. Who keeps track of it all?
  • Speed Racer - Dedicated to one of the first animé (including the original lyrics - "Let's go good people's highway"?).
  • Cirque Du Soliel - Official Web site of the troupe dedicated to going "beyond the confines of the ordinary."
  • iGolf The Players' Exchange - If it's golf related, you'll find it here!
  • Beretta Firearms - Great site from the premier manufacturers of firearms since 1526. Visit the Beretta museum, peruse the current catalog or check out the spare parts section.
  • Anagram Insanity! - A fun generator for custom anagrams.
  • Where's Waldo - The offical Where's Waldo Site.
  • US Soccer - If you have been paying attention, like I have, you would know that the Americans have clinched their sixth appearence into the world-wide spectacle known as The World Cup. Show your support!
  • SwineOnline - Swineonline is a Web-based game that enables users to raise and care for a piglet by feeding, exercising and grooming it regularly and taking it to the virtual vet and beauty parlor as necessary. Similar to a real pig raising competition, SwineOnline awards top pigs blue-ribbon distinctions at the end of each 5-day competition.
  • The Star Archive - A great resource for every fan! Thousands of star addresses (currently over 3,400!), a lot of information about the stars and hundreds of scanned autographs.
  • Entertainment Asylum - The Entertainment Asylum has up to the minute information on Hollywood celebrities, movies, television, daily chats, celebrity gossip and more.
  • Wind Tracks - The latest news and stories that the sport of windsurfing has to offer.
  • Soapdish - Complete soap opera coverage, updated daily. Soapdish's content is always fresh with the latest spoilers and gossip.
  • Callahan's Cookbook - The newsgroup alt.callahans has posted some great recipes including Garlic Soup, Pizza, Chicken and Dumplings, Almond Joy and Killer Chocolate Cake.
  • E Online - Entertainment's home page
  • Creative Wonders - Education and Entertaiment Software Company
  • Pass The Pigs - Pigs and Java... What more could you possibly ask for?
  • Open Sesame - The free, fun personalized site for all-new information about what's hot in books, CDs, movies, TV, concerts, theatres and more.
  • iBike - A "big dirty world" of information for mountain bikers and trail riders.
  • Yahoo! Scoreboard - The leading catalog of the Internet presents a voluminous clearinghouse of sports information.
  • Reel Radio - The fun, formatics, styles, personalities, promotions, production, time-tones, reverb, creativity and pioneers of Top 40 Radio are celebrated here!
  • The 80's Server - The expert site on the 1980s, including music, entertainment, and movies!
  • ESPN SportsZone - The leader in online sports news, scores, statistics and more. Get up to the minute sports scores and highlights online.


  • Vox Pop - Quick and easy access to information on how locate and contact your local Representatives and Senators.
  • The Library of Congress - Research tools, exhibitions, on-line media archives, and more from the grandfather of all libraries.
  • PARKNET: The National Park Service Place on the Web - Planning a family vacation soon? Check out this resource for definitive information on the great National Parks of the United States.
  • American Memory - Search through the Special Collections in the Library of Congress and the National Digital Library online.
  • U.S. Navy - Welcome aboard the United States Navy's Official Web Site.


  • Wafwot Dot Com - Just a simple website of everything that's a waste of time!


  • Celestial Echoes - Celestial Echoes Web Page
  • eBay - Your Personal Trading Community - Buy, sell, and trade anything from dryer lint to aluminum foil collections to Beanie Babies to classic cars to motorcycles. Loads of fun and worth at least a look.
  • Gameworld Internt Club - Role playing games and strategy games - all games included! New games each month. PC, Mac, and Unix.
  • Gifts At Wholesale Prices! - For the lowest gift prices on the internet, visit Gifts Of The Heart. More than 1000 items online with more being added all the time. We will Not be undersold!
  • Sargento Foods, Inc. - Creative Cooking Starts Here. Get the latest on new products and promotions! Imagine What You Can Create with Sargento like adventurous seasonal recipes with a unique twist. Sample America's rich culinary heritage in our enlightening tour of landmark restaurants and their surroundings. Get cheese tips, origins, descriptions and serving ideas, as well as a calendar of events in the world of food.
  • Diana's Kitchen - It has a well indexed recipe section of at least 600 recipes and special sections for the crock pot, holiday recipes, and reader-contributed recipes.
  • The San Francisco Taiko Dojo - With the pass of a mouse, you can play a range of Taiko drums. Combining animation with sound, the viewer may strike the Great O-Daiko, the largest drum in the Western Hemisphere, or play one of the Shime or Jyosuke, each of which offers a unique sound and tonal quality. The San Francisco Taiko Dojo website documents the history of Taiko, the philosophy of drumming in modern and ancient Japan, and current events regarding the rebirth of this most traditional art form.
  • Cookie Recipe.com - Cookie Recipe.com offers a huge database of cookie recipes, as well as the opportunity for you to submit your own recipes, request recipes, and read helpful baking tips.
  • The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia - Heard the story Kevin Bacon being the center of Hollywood? Do you doubt it?.
  • CheeseNet - Increase your knowledge of cheese at this clearinghouse of facts about curdled consumables.
  • Mama Ragu - Come meet Mama and taste some of her favorite recipes.
  • Porsche Official Web Site - A site as sharp, clean, and stylish as the automobiles it promotes.
  • Pampers Parenting Institute - Features an amazing amount of information from pediatricians and other authoritative sources.
  • Coined by Shakespeare - From "alligator" to "zany," it's amazing how much of the language was invented by one person
  • Acme Pet - Acme Pet provides a local and international forum for pet enthusiasts, providers of pet products and services, and pet-related non-profit organizations.
  • Rabbit in The Moon - "In the US, we talk about 'the man in the moon'. But when the Maya looked at the same shades of dark and light, they saw a pattern that resembled a leaping rabbit." Rabbit in the Moon offers a fun and enriching look into the ancient Mayan civilization. Great CGI applets like "Do-It-Yourself Mayan Stela" and "The Six Tests of Xibalba" are entertaining as well as informative.
  • Judo Information Site - The world's largest Judo website on the Internet. The Judo Information Site offers the most complete information about the sport of Judo online. Looking for local Judo clubs in your area? The Judo Information Site can tell you who to contact.
  • Jazz Caffe - Jazz, Coffee and more.
  • AutoPricing - Provides dealer invoice and actual market pricing values on new 1998 to 1985 vehicles. The VIS databases are updated weekly.
  • Parent Time - This site really stands apart from many other parenting sites because it's for both mothers and fathers, as well as for anyone who has an interest in raising children. There is a wonderful sense of community, due to the interactive nature of the site.
  • Lowe's - Information on dozens of the most popular home improvement projects.
  • WellnessWeb - WellnesWeb was created by the collaboration of patients, healthcare professionals and other caregivers. Use WellnessWeb to become more informed and communicate easier with your doctor.
  • Chetro Ketl Great Kiva - Assembled using the archeological records from the excavated Chetro Ketl Great Kiva, this site features a three dimensional reconstruction of the Great Kiva. Great Quicktime activities show you how the ancient Chaco Anasazi lived.
  • ScubaDuba - An online home for the scuba-diving community. Some of the features include The ScubaDuba Bulletin Boards, Buddy directory, Chat room, Treasure hunt, and the humorous, weekly installment of the ScubaDuba Top 5 list.
  • The Quotations Page - An online catalog of quotation related information on the Internet.
  • Women's Wire - A site about women and for women.
  • Easter Island Home Page - Easter Island has long been the subject of curiosity and speculation. The Easter Island Home Page is an Internet resource for information on Easter Island.
  • National Recruiting Center - Your definitive source for college football recruiting.
  • Discovery Direct - Shop Discovery Direct for Limited edition art lithographs featuring sports, landscapes, seascapes and expressive artist, imported glass crystal, golf gifts, and outdoor camping gear.
  • The Year 2000 Information Center - The millenium is almost upon us and so is the "Millenium Bug" (The software problems incurred by the 2000 year date change). The Year 2000 Information Center provides a forum for disseminating information about the Millenium Bug and for the discussion of possible solutions.
  • CNN - Diana: A Remembrance
  • Snoopy's Doghouse - The Snoopy site is filled with information about everyone's favorite beagle. It even has a Snoopy store.
  • Getting Real - Real teens. Real dreams. Real life. This is GETTING REAL, the amazing all-in-one tool for your life.
  • Parenting Online - Parents, parents to be, or even those parents who could use a refresher course. Lifetime Online Parenting may just be the cure for that case of diaper rash or that scary fever.
  • WD-40 on the Web - Everything you wanted to know, and then some, about the world's favorite aerosol lubricant/cosmetic/defoliant.
  • Andy's Garage Sale - Superb deals on a small number of items, featuring a "big deal" every day and the "top 20" every week.