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Galaxynet :: Ultimate Search Page

Web Search

Choose from many different web search engines consolidated in one easy-to-use page so you can find what you're looking for! Go

FedEx Package Tracking
     Waiting for a package from Federal Express? Use this convenient form to locate your package while in transit! Go

UPS Package Tracking
     Maybe you're waiting for a package from United Parcel Service? This form will help you track your package while in transit! Go

Zipcode Lookup by City
     Search for a city from the zipcode, or search for a zipcode from the city. Never call the post office again for Mom's zipcode in Aspen! Go

Zip+4 Code Lookup by Address
     Use this serch engine from the Post Office to search for your full 9-digit zipcode. Using Zip+4 makes delivering mail faster... or so they say. Go

Area Code Lookup
     Locate area codes by entering the town name, or enter the town name and the area code will be shown... Find our WHERE you're calling before calling! Go

Stock Symbol Lookup
     Lookup any public company's ticker symbol to find out the latest selling price. Easy to use, and conveniently here at Galaxynet! Go

Amazon Search
     Search the worlds biggest online store for new books, CDs, DVDs and Videos, electronics, computers, housewares and garden, etc... Go

Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus
     Use these forms to lookup the definition and pronunciation of English words, or find other words which mean the same thing. These forms use the Merriam-Webster dictionaries found at http://www.m-w.com. Go