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Galaxynet :: About Galaxynet

Washington State DOR Record

Galaxynet started out as a single-node Bulletin Board System (BBS) named "Orion Station" back in the early 1990s. The BBS, owned and operated by Art Tomlin, was an active FidoNet node. FidoNet is a world-wide network of computers which allowed "Orion Station" to host active message boards and file download areas. FidoNet is similar to Usenet News and Internet Email, but on a much smaller scale. "Orion Station" didn't use terrestrial telephone services to connect to FidoNet; it used a satellite dish, which was aimed at the Galaxy IV satellite. (1 2)

In 1995, Mr. Tomlin decided there needed to be some competition in Whidbey Island's Internet market. So, with three computers, a borrowed 56k FT1 CSU/DSU, a router, a 56k FT1 circuit, and a Discover card, Galaxynet Satellite Data Services was started in a small shed in Mr. Tomlin's backyard.

Actually, Galaxynet Satellite Data Services was a registered trade name of Orioncom, which was also started and owned by Art Tomlin. Galaxynet's name was derived from PanAmSat's Galaxy IV satellite used for the BBS. Later, Galaxynet dropped the satellite part of its name and became known as Galaxynet Internet Services.

By 1997, Galaxynet had moved from Mr. Tomlin's backyard to a store front on Ault Field Road, to its current location on Midway Boulevard here in Oak Harbor, WA.

Since 1995, Galaxynet has been providing Internet services to customers on Whidbey Island in Washington State, as well as customers in all 50 states! Over the years, Galaxynet has broken ground in areas of Internet service where none on Whidbey have gone before! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the competition was/is paying Galaxynet BIG compliments!

Here are some examples:
  1. Galaxynet was the first provider on the Island to offer special military services for our men and women in uniform (1995). If you are going on DET or deployment, let us know, and we'll suspend your Galaxynet account until you return for up to 6 months. During this time, you will not receive a bill, and we won't charge you to reactivate your account!

  2. Galaxynet was the first provider on the Island to go over 100 hours per month, starting at double that (1995). Today, Galaxynet is unmetered, meaning there is no limit!

  3. Galaxynet was the first provider on the Island to go fully 33,600 bps v.34 on every dialup line (1996) Today, all modems are 56k v.90!

  4. Galaxynet was the first provider on the Island to eliminate a set-up fee for dial-up services. (1997)

  5. Galaxynet was the first provider on the Island to offer email services via a web page (1997). This allows customers to check their email from any Internet-connected computer in the world!

  6. Galaxynet was the first provider on the Island to allow customers to review their account and pay invoices online (1998).

  7. Galaxynet was the first provider on the Island to offer dial-up connectivity across the United States and Canada (1998).

  8. Galaxynet was the first provider on the Island to filter ALL inbound email for viruses (2000).

  9. Galaxynet was the first provider on the Island to offer in-house domain registration for Virtual Host customers (2000).

  10. Galaxynet was the first provider on the Island to offer wireless Internet services beyond the 3-mile limit of DSL (2001). For more information about Galaxynet's wireless service, please visit Galaxynet Wireless homepage.

  11. Galaxynet was the first provider on the Island to offer spam filtering on every customer's email acocunt (2001).

  12. Galaxynet was the first provider on the Island to open an Internet Cafe where anyone can come and get on the Internet with one of the public computers, or connect wirelessly with their own laptops (2003).

In the autumn of 2000, Galaxynet experienced several difficulties attributed to marrital troubles in Mr. Tomlin's personal life. To avoid these troubles, Galaxynet outsourced its data feeds, server farm, and technical support staff in February of 2001. By outsourcing these services, Galaxynet was able to focus its energies on keeping Galaxynet a viable company. The company providing the outsources services was L.M. Thomas and Associates, LLC. They were a new local company at the time, and more than willing to provide the necessary services to Galaxynet. The entire team at L.M. Thomas and Associates has decades of combined networking, programming, Internet, and business experience to draw from.

By spring of 2001, L.M. Thomas and Associates was providing Galaxynet with ALL its necessary services, prompting them to take full ownership of Galaxynet. Today, Galaxynet is a wholly-owned subsidiary of L.M. Thomas and Associates, LLC. Mr. Tomlin, sadly, is no longer part of the Galaxynet family. All the employees and services that Galaxynet offered remained unchanged, and customers didn't even notice the change of ownership.

Galaxynet's Oak Harbor office is located at 390 NE Midway Blvd, Suite B-107. We can be reached at (360) 679-3847 on business days from 10:00am until 6:00pm PST. Whether you need simple access from your home PC, wireless alternatives to DSL, a dedicated data feed, a commercially Virtual-Hosted web site, or even hosting of your web server, Galaxynet can provide the solutions to your Internet needs.