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Galaxynet :: Links Elsewhere

This is Galaxynet's "Links Elsewhere" Page. You can use this page to begin your exploration of the web! Galaxynet does not support, sponsor, or endorse the sites listed below, and cannot be held responsible for their content. Please read the copyright before exploring these links.

Business | Computers | Education | Entertainment | Gov't | Personal | Misc


  • Virtualflowers.Com - Use Virtualflowers.Com to send someone a bouquet of flowers to tell them how special they are to you...all for free!
  • Zenith Aircraft Company - Everything you always wanted to know about building your own aircraft! Interesting site even if you don't want to build or fly a plane.


  • Whidbey Linux Users Group - Whidbey Island first and only Linux Users Group! WLUG provides a place for Linux enthusiasts and budding system administrators to learn about their favorite OS.
  • CH Products - Products manufactures a complete line of PC and Macintosh controllers ideal for computer games, education and simulations.
  • Gameaddict.com - Looking for quick-and-dirty, daily news blurbs from the gaming industry? Gameaddict.com is the resource for you. Gameaddict.com is truly "Gaming's Fastest News."


  • CLWG: Children's Literature Web Guide - Internet sources related to books for children and young adults.
  • Sport! Science - An interactive look at the science behind popular sports. The site includes interviews with scientists and professional athletes.
  • The WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server - Ever wondered what exactly I.S.D.N. stands for? Checkout The WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server and find out that it stands for "Integrated Services Digital Network."
  • The American Lung Association - When you can't breathe, nothing else matters. The American Lung Association (ALA) National Web Site is your online resource for information on asthma and other lung diseases, tobacco control, and environmental health.
  • Natural Child Project - My Natural Child Project site includes articles on parenting, education, and child advocacy. We also have a popular parenting advice column, and one guest columnist per month.
  • Mars Pathfinder Mission - The JPL's official site! Keep up with the latest news, photos, and events of this historic event.
  • Scientific American - The on-line edition offers articles and exhibits that make science accessible to the average citizen.
  • Netlingo: The Internet Language Dictionary - Netlingo is an online dictionary that contains definitions to hundreds of new fangled vocabulary words surrounding the ever expanding online community. Netlingo is "the semantics storehouse of cyberspace."
  • Egyptology Resources - Setup with assistance from the Newton Institute in the University of Cambridge, this website offers interesting Egyptological links and information.


  • Island Cinemas - Web page for the Oak Harbor, WA movie theater, and one in Mount Vernon, WA.
  • Mr. Media - So much media, so little time. Who keeps track of it all?
  • GORP - Great Outdoor Recreation Pages - GORP has a truely amazing amount of information on anything and everything related to outdoor recreation and active travel!
  • Cirque Du Soliel - Official Web site of the troupe dedicated to going "beyond the confines of the ordinary."
  • iGolf The Players' Exchange - If it's golf related, you'll find it here!
  • Callahan's Cookbook - The newsgroup alt.callahans has posted some great recipes including Garlic Soup, Pizza, Chicken and Dumplings, Almond Joy and Killer Chocolate Cake.
  • E Online - Entertainment's home page
  • Yahoo! Scoreboard - The leading catalog of the Internet presents a voluminous clearinghouse of sports information.
  • Reel Radio - The fun, formatics, styles, personalities, promotions, production, time-tones, reverb, creativity and pioneers of Top 40 Radio are celebrated here!
  • The 80's Server - The expert site on the 1980s, including music, entertainment, and movies!


  • The Library of Congress - Research tools, exhibitions, on-line media archives, and more from the grandfather of all libraries.
  • PARKNET: The National Park Service Place on the Web - Planning a family vacation soon? Check out this resource for definitive information on the great National Parks of the United States.
  • American Memory - Search through the Special Collections in the Library of Congress and the National Digital Library online.
  • U.S. Navy - Welcome aboard the United States Navy's Official Web Site.


  • eBay - Your Personal Trading Community - Buy, sell, and trade anything from dryer lint to aluminum foil collections to Beanie Babies to classic cars to motorcycles. Loads of fun and worth at least a look.
  • Sargento Foods, Inc. - Creative Cooking Starts Here. Get the latest on new products and promotions! Imagine What You Can Create with Sargento like adventurous seasonal recipes with a unique twist. Sample America's rich culinary heritage in our enlightening tour of landmark restaurants and their surroundings. Get cheese tips, origins, descriptions and serving ideas, as well as a calendar of events in the world of food.
  • The San Francisco Taiko Dojo - With the pass of a mouse, you can play a range of Taiko drums. Combining animation with sound, the viewer may strike the Great O-Daiko, the largest drum in the Western Hemisphere, or play one of the Shime or Jyosuke, each of which offers a unique sound and tonal quality. The San Francisco Taiko Dojo website documents the history of Taiko, the philosophy of drumming in modern and ancient Japan, and current events regarding the rebirth of this most traditional art form.
  • Cookie Recipe.com - Cookie Recipe.com offers a huge database of cookie recipes, as well as the opportunity for you to submit your own recipes, request recipes, and read helpful baking tips.
  • The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia - Heard the story Kevin Bacon being the center of Hollywood? Do you doubt it?.
  • Porsche Official Web Site - A site as sharp, clean, and stylish as the automobiles it promotes.
  • Pampers Parenting Institute - Features an amazing amount of information from pediatricians and other authoritative sources.
  • Coined by Shakespeare - From "alligator" to "zany," it's amazing how much of the language was invented by one person
  • AutoPricing - Provides dealer invoice and actual market pricing values on new 1998 to 1985 vehicles. The VIS databases are updated weekly.
  • Parent Time - This site really stands apart from many other parenting sites because it's for both mothers and fathers, as well as for anyone who has an interest in raising children. There is a wonderful sense of community, due to the interactive nature of the site.
  • WellnessWeb - WellnesWeb was created by the collaboration of patients, healthcare professionals and other caregivers. Use WellnessWeb to become more informed and communicate easier with your doctor.
  • Snoopy's Doghouse - The Snoopy site is filled with information about everyone's favorite beagle. It even has a Snoopy store.